Other Pictures From Baja California

These pictures weren’t taken in Cabo Pulmo, but I thought you might find them interesting anyway.

worm tubesThese are some worm tubes from Bahía Concepcion that stayed standing after the tide went out, because there was no wind that day and the bay is so protected that I’m pretty sure it never has waves.

cemeteryThis is the Children’s Cemetery in Guerrero Negro. Apparently a Japanese sailor came ashore to purchase salt and had some sort of sickness (nobody seems to know what) that only children were susceptible to. After about forty children died within two weeks the people decided that the bodies should be buried far from town in order to avoid a plague. According to Juan Diaz Estrada (http://juandiazestrada.blogspot.com/2012/08/guerrero-negro-mistico.html) the ghosts of the children have recently been seen playing in Guerrero Negro, but when I was there (it was New Year’s Eve) I only saw live people playing with fireworks.


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