My Uncle is Mr. November

cedarkeyWell if anyone was expecting either some sort of beefcake ladyporn or Derek Jeter I don’t have that. What I do have is even better. This picture is of a sunset over Cedar Key, Florida and was taken by my uncle Dave Cannon while kayaking. As it turns out liked this picture so much that they decided to include it in their 2015 calendar. While Dave’s is, of course, the best all of the other months also have excellent photos so I would highly recommend that my readers order a copy. Also if anyone would like to see more of Dave’s photos or hear more about his kayaking adventures check him out at


2 thoughts on “My Uncle is Mr. November

    • ‘Tis the birthday of Mr. November and it deserves celebration!
      (Wow, that title of “Mr. November” really does him a disservice O_o – still makes me laugh though :P)

      Nay, it is not for his physique, but for his tireless efforts to document, educate, and share discoveries made whilst paddling the yak that we pay homage to him this day. (NB his awesome pics do not work against him either)

      Happy Birthday Dave!


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